Moche Seated Figure

Moche Seated Figure by Univ. Michigan Center for Latin American Studies on Sketchfab

Collection: University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, Latin American Collection. Catalogue #6234

Culture: Moche, "Dos Cabezas" substyle

Material: Pottery – Earthenware

Dimension: Height 18 cm

Date: Moche period within the Early Intermediate, AD 300-600

3D scanning and file processing: Photogrammetry images taken by Nicole Munger; image processing by April Hadwick.

Moche potters of the north coast of Peru produced wonderfully modeled vessels depicting a variety of individuals and animals. This person here is shown seated cross-legged, hands on knees, wearing earspools, and donning a dome-shaped hat. Similar examples have been found in archaeological sites in the Lower Jequetepeque Valley of Peru (near Pacasmayo), and archaeologist Christopher Donnan has classified this type of seated Moche figure as belonging to the “Dos Cabezas” substyle that dates to AD 300-600. Compared to other seated personages in the substyle, this one is unpainted and lacks inlaid eyes. Still, the vessel’s shiny, burnished surface and fine symmetry reveal the artisan's skill and care taken in making this piece.

For Donnan’s article on Moche substyles, see